1. Make sure your backup hard drive is connected to your Mac via USB or thunderbolt. If you are backing up to a server make sure that the Time machine service is enabled on the server. (contact Employee Zero for additional support here if needed.)

2.Open System Preferences by clicking on the Apple Symbol in the Top left or Clicking on the System Preferences icon in the Dock bellow.

3. Click on Time Machine. It should be on the fourth row down and the icon should look like this

4. Make Sure Backup Automatically and Show Time Machine in Menu Bar are both ticked.

5. Click on Select Disk and this should show you available disk to back up to. Select the Disk you want to backup to and click on use disk.

6. If you are prompted to enter in user details enter your user name and password for your Mac. If you are using A Mac Server you may need to use your server login credentials and these are not necessarily the same as your Mac.

7.Your Mac will now be backing up to the hard drive or server. Initial backup may take sometime. Following backups will be much quicker.